Each item created by Wilton Road Ceramics goes through a lengthy process from initial idea to a beautifully packaged and presented gift.

Earthenware clay is shaped to the desired form and left in trays for a number of days to fully dry at room temperature, once dry, each piece is ‘scraped’ using a craft knife to smooth the edges.

The items are then ready for the first firing in the kiln – a bisque fire at 998°C

Once the kiln has fully cooled, items are ready to be hand painted with underglazes, then glazed up to 3 times with a green coloured glaze which goes clear and shiny once fired.

All items are sanded underneath to ensure no glaze touches the kiln shelf as it will cause them to stick. They are carefully placed in the kiln, looking more like green peppermint creams than pottery!


After a kiln firing of 1063°C and cooling period, the lid of the kiln is lifted to reveal the creations in all their colourful glory, my favourite part of the process.

Embellishments such as sparkles, ribbons, magnets and jewellery fixings are added before the final checking and packaging, ready for my customers to enjoy.